UI / UX Engineering

UX/UI is like a concentric force which keep hold on every process and milestones of Application Development.

Any product or application can succeed in the market if it can survive for a long time with accretion of users.

At present, Businesses have a tremendous impact of user end experience on usability of their applications and success. UI / UX Engineering is termed as a common service but when they are really served, it seems completely different. We strictly follow Software Development Life Cycle and development models according to the application needs. USER EXPERIENCE can be considered as a superset with all requirements whether technical or non-technical which USER INTERFACE as an abstract part of USER EXPERIENCE.

What Services We Offer:

UX/UI Engineering Service domain at Triskyl hosts many services which can be broadly classified into main 3 kinds of services

  • User Experience (UX) Design Services
    • This is the service which is concerned throughout the designing and development of any application. We collects the inputs from all possible stake holders about the requirements through feedbacks, surveys, brain storming processes and all possible information generating tools.
    • Our well experienced developer team integrates the UX Development with the existing UI Modules.
    • If you already have concluded your final product, we can consider it as a prototype feeds it for analysis in to our UX Process. This task will be performed repeatedly until satisfactory results are achieved.
  • User Interface (UI )Development Services
    • The first and foremost task that should be done is “Conceptualization”. Our UI Development team presents your ideas and requirements in a conceptualized manner which can be extended for further development.
    • We provide nonpareil services with the building of the conceptualized application.
    • We make sure that final proof of concept serves the purpose of defining USER EXPERIENCE
  • User Experience (UX) Consultancy Services
    • Our UX Consultancy Services comprises of Strategy Building, Usage Analysis, and assessment on the basis of User Experience Standards.


Why to Choose US?

  • Functionalities and Features are crucial part of development but the mere part of User Experience. They can be incorporated using one or other way but creating, generating an influencing User Experience is more important than that.
  • Our UX/UI Engineering Service Development team works dedicatedly to come-up with the class level service for your requirement. We assure for application endorsement which all marketers seeks.
  • Our Teams works together with the all latest technical jargons and needs like Responsive Layouts, Tactile Sensor based Applications, Hardware Integration Services and compatibility both backward as well as forward compatibility.

You are just a step away to get your visualization engineered, built and delivered.