Testing Outsourcing

We deliver User Experience and User Interface Testing Services.

Any Product or application requires an unceasing – on going testing process to be carried out in order to maintain the User Experience. We aggregate Traditional Testing Approaches to the latest testing tools and technologies to ensure the most efficient testing services.

User Experience is one of the major factor impacting on Business. Quality Assurance with respect to User Experience, Application Functioning and User Interface should be focused precisely. Testing Services urge to certify the appropriateness of any application. Application Development generally carries testing phases within the life cycle of it. An inclusive Testing Services can make testing and quality assurance suffer as designing and development may diverse the sole purpose of Testing. In accordance to this fact, we have Independent Testing Service which simply concludes that an Individual Team would be working exclusively on this task. Testing Automation is required with a view to testify all the possible scenarios that can occur while application is really laid to use.

How Do We Really Approach in general

  • At the initial start-up where any application is just build up to serve predefined purpose, we study the genre of application in a nutshell.
  • As per the realm to which application belongs, we delineate the Testing Strategies.
  • Once we are clear about the Testing Strategies, we focus on the available resources, tools, architectures and frameworks.

Testing at Trsikyl

  • Here, Individual Testing Service doesn’t distresses the testing that must be done at the developer end. We do offer individual testing through parallelism.
  • As and when, the application gets coded, we first goal the Infeasible Path of the testing as few stages are never reached when application is in use.
  • The rife use of application and the degree of channels connected socially induce huge amount of statistics. We make sure that all kind of possible inputs, test cases and information get passed through our testing suits.
  • The usages of frameworks used for quicker development like content management systems, Application Program Interfaces (APIs) etc… gives intrinsic testing services but still they are required to be tested as Artificial Intelligence cannot guarantee Human Behaviour and Experience Testing.
  • We deliver Automation Services in Testing through proper Machine Learning and artificial Intelligence based approaches and tools which retain self-learning capabilities as well.
  • We don’t bound our testing to the application testing only, we do scrutinise your business processes, populate results to support the vicissitudes required and reform processes that must be revised in account to get your business better results.

Strengthen your application development and business processes with specialised testing services. We have spawned great results since a long time. Our Testing Services doesn’t gyrate around the functioning of any applications, it touches the feet of Enterprise, End Users and Ecological unit.