Chatbots have quietly started replacing apps as a means to connect and provide service. While it is true that chatbots are taking their baby steps into the consumer world at the moment, here are 7 reasons why they’ll run the show in the future:

  1. Quick and Easy:

Time is a valuable resource in today’s world. Therefore it is no surprise that studies have shown that the current generation of internet users prefer texting over any other means of communication since it is quicker and far less time consuming, especially when you are talking to a robot. So when a customer wants to know if there is a discount or a sale happening in their favorite store, all they have to do is to whip out their phone and text a chatbot. The chatbot responds with relevant information in an instant. This saves the user from spending time on a website or app scouring for the information they want.

  1. The Interface:

The problem that we all encounter when we use a new website or an app is to familiarize ourselves with the interface. This can be tiresome and frustrating. With chatbots however, there is nothing new to learn. It has a chat interface and using it is as simple as texting someone but the catch is that you text a robot that responds much faster than any human and to top it off, gives relevant and accurate information.

  1. Personalized:

Chatbots are highly adaptive and can be personalized as per individual taste. This is a big perk since it can help companies reach out to customers and make a direct connection with them hence increasing consumer loyalty and interest in the products and services the business has to offer.

  1. Wider Reach:

Chatbots are currently integrated into two platforms: apps and existing platforms like Facebook, kik etc. but there is a rising interest in chatbots integrated with webpages in web browsers. The wide availability of platforms favorable for chatbots sign a wider reach for chatbots.

  1. Coexistence:

The advent of the chatbots does not mean people running out of jobs or robots hijacking our daily lives. It paves the way for people to work much efficiently. The chatbot is merely a middle man that takes care or all the boring and repetitive tasks while the humans can take care of complex tasks.

  1. A Cornucopia of Data:

Using chatbots for interaction with customers will guarantee a wealth of data. This data can be used to analyze and understand sales trends, come up with better strategies and to engage consumers more efficiently.

  1. I. is the future

Just like all the technology in the world, A.I. did not hit the ground running. It has had its ups and downs but the advancement and interest in the field is definitely growing like never before. Companies like Microsoft, Google and Apple have invested big money to research and come up with better A.I. solutions. Soon, A.I. will be an essential part of everyone’s life and when that happens, chatbots will only be the tip of the iceberg.